In Your Share (Oct 6th edition)

DSCF0334The Winter Squash harvest is done! Often we are racing just ahead of rainy cold weather, but not this year. In fact, we probably could have left it all in the field to cure, but who knew it was going to be 80 degrees this week? We have lots of great varieties tucked safety away in the barn and they’ll be ready for us to eat throughout the Winter Share. The smaller squash are often the first to be ready – varieties like Acorn and Delicata are sweet and delicious through the next few months. We’ll have tasty Pie Pumpkins for Thanksgiving of course! And then the larger squash like Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat and Marina di Chioggia will last us into the spring. I’m especially excited about the former since it was originally developed here in Oregon and has been recently improved by local seed breeder Carol Deppe in Corvallis. I just re-read her book, The Resilient Gardener, and especially enjoyed her chapter on squash.

All this sunshine has meant amazing amounts of sweet peppers in the share. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further – there are lots of great recipes at the  CSA blog of Cook With What You Have. Katherine has some great ideas & tips for all the good stuff in your share this week. Just look along the right hand column of her site and click on your favorite veggies to see all the recipes available.  Check your email for the password to access the site. Hope you’re enjoying your 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: Makes a great little salad!
  • Anaheim Peppers: These definitely make an amazing chile relleno! Or see below (re Jimmies) for tips on freezing them.
  • Cilantro: The sunny weather has extended our harvest by an extra week – enjoy!
  • Collard Greens: Big and beautiful, it’s always so nice to have these greens back in the fall!
  • Garlic: Beautiful Chesnok in the pretty purple wrappers
  • Hot Peppers: Your choice of red jalapeño, black czech and bulgarian carrot
  • Italian Sweet Peppers: Several of our favorite sweet pepper varieties from Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds in the Italian style – Gatherer’s Gold and Stocky Red Roaster.
  • Jimmy Nardello Peppers: So as you may have noticed these have been extremely productive this year! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, all you need to do is chop them up and sauté them with a bit of olive oil and salt – this turns a large amount into a much more manageable size – then freeze them in single serving containers. That way you can always add the taste of summer sweet pepper to winter meals!
  • Lettuce: A mix of red & green, leaf lettuce and butter head.
  • Parsley: This is a new variety called Splendid that we’re trying for the first time. It has the great flavor of our favorite wide-leaf Italian types and it’s supposed to survive the winter better.
  • Tomatoes: A few green tomatoes – leave them to ripen on the kitchen counter or make fried green tomatoes!

Coming soon… beautiful broccoli!