In Your Share (Sept 16th edition)


The Jimmy Nardello’s are here!! This is one of my absolute favorite peppers and it has a great story to boot. It is on the endangered list in the Slow Food Arc of Taste and you can read more about it here. It is a sweet, thin walled Italian frying pepper which can be eaten raw (and I do eat them all the time in the field) but is incredible when sauteed – becomes melt in your mouth creamy and delicious.

Your Recipe Packet this week some great tips for the fingerling potatoes and a pizza recipe for the Jimmuy Nardellos – yum!

This week your share may include…

  • Cucumbers: You’ll see a few different varieties in the share this week. Of the classic green cucumbers we’re growing two different kinds – Marketmore 76 is long, slender and slightly knobby while Diva is shorter, fatter and has a smooth skin. Both have great flavor.  There will also be some heirloom Lemon cucumbers in the mix – they have the round shape and yellow color of a lemon but taste like a cucumber.
  • Dill: A nice addition to potato salad or pickles
  • Kale: Black Tuscan aka Toscano, Black Dinosaur, and Lacinato – too many names but such a great kale! The dark leaves are thinner than other kale and heavily savoyed.
  • Onions: More super sweet Walla Wallas!
  • Sweet Peppers: Heaps of Jimmy Nardellos (see above for moer info)
  • Green Peppers: This week you’ll see both the Anaheim and regular green bell peppers in the share. 
  • Potato: These Austrian Crescent fingerling potatoes make a great potato salad or they’re also really nice roasted too.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes: I posted about some of my favorite heirlooms last week and you can check it out again here if you want to.
  • Slicing Tomatoes:  The slicing tomatoes are at their peak with this late season heat wave.
  • Roma Tomatoes: Time to make some tomato sauce!!

Coming soon… Frank Morton’s Sweet Peppers!