In Your Share (Sept 17th edition)

You can download Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. Among other things, it includes some great ideas about how to use tomatillos, and more fun recipes for tomatoes.

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This week your share may include…

  • Chard: The color on these beautiful multi-colored leaves of swiss card are incredible right now. Striking orange, red, magenta & yellow stems really shine. Cook the leaves as you would spinach. The stems are also edible, they just need to be sauteed a few minutes longer than the leaves.
  • Cilantro: Happy little bunches are perfect for salsa and also a nice addition to Thai food.
  • Cucumbers: The green slicer is Diva and she lives up to her name! There may also be a few Lemon cukes in the mix too.
  • Dill:  Nice bunches of fresh dill! You can use this for canning if you want too, but since it’s only leaves – no flowers or seeds – it makes a great addition to sauces & salads. Check the recipe packet for ideas.
  • Lettuce: These Batavian Crisp lettuce varieties are my favorite’s during the summer. Even in the heat they stay sweet & crunchy.
  • Peppers: Anaheim peppers this week are traditionally used for chile rellenos and make a great stuffed peppers. While not usually considered a hot pepper, they do have a little bit of heat in the finish.
  • Potatoes: Yellow Bintje is a popular yellow european heirloom. You can read a little bit about it’s history and see some recipes here.
  • Tomatillos: These are a husked cousin to the tomato. Be sure & try the roasted tomatillo salsa recipe in your packet! Roasting tomatillos deepens the flavor and makes them slightly sweeter. If you’re in a rush, you can also use them raw in this tomatillo salsa – Salsa Cruda – from Rick Bayless.
  • Tomatoes: The bountiful tomato harvest continues… there are plenty of Stupice, Heirloom & Slicing tomatoes this week.
 Coming soon… Sweet Gypsy Peppers!