In Your Share (Sept 2nd edition)

IMG_5689Heirloom tomatoes are in full swing this week! Our favorite varieties include…

  • Anna Russian – This Oxheart variety was saved by a gardener in Corvallis who originally got the seed from her Russian grandfather. Read more about her story and a few other classic heirloom tomatoes here.
  • Azoychka – My favorite yellow tomato of all time. And I’ve tried ALOT of them! It is also from Russia and was collected by Seed Savers Exchange founder Ken Whealy. It is a big meaty tomato with a nice balance of sweet and acidic flavor.
  • Paul Robeson – The dark shoulders sometimes crack but it has great flavor and a cult following like it’s namesake. The Fedco catalog description tells quite the story.

Your Recipe Packet this week is a celebration of summer produce and includes a couple of true classic’s ie. BLT’s, Gazpacho & Ratataouille. There are also tips on using Anaheim & Poblano peppers.

This week your share may include…

  • Basil: Time to make pesto!
  • Corn: I love the Sugar Buns for it’s great taste and early production. Unfortunately the corn ear worms seem to really like it this year too.  We’ve been sorting as best we can, but if you find them or if the tip of the ear is damaged just cut off the bad spot and use the rest of the it.
  • Cucumbers: You’ll see a few different varieties in the share this week. Of the classic green cucumbers we’re growing two different kinds – Marketmore 76 is long, slender and slightly knobby while Diva is shorter, fatter and has a smooth skin. Both have great flavor.  There will also be some heirloom Lemon cucumbers in the mix – they have the round shape and yellow color of a lemon but taste like a cucumber.
  • Eggplant: These long skinny eggplant are often called Japanese  eggplant, but can be used just the same as the traditional Italian globe shaped fruit. One of my favorite recipes is neither Japanese or Italian, but Eggplant in the Moorish Style 
  • Sweet Onions: One more week of Walla Walla’s!
  • Lettuce Heads: Beautiful red heads of Batavian crisp leaf lettuce.
  • Parsley: Nice big bunches of flat leaf parsley
  • Anaheim & Poblano Peppers: In your Recipe Packet Katherine suggests that you roast these immediately and I agree. She also gives some tips on how to do it under the broiler which is how I usually do it. Both peppers are really good stuffed or as chille rellenos!
  • Hot Peppers: The classic green jalapeños are pretty hot and the Czech Black have a bit less heat.
  • Tomatoes: More Stupice plus Slicers & Heirlooms too!!

Coming soon… Jimmy Nardello Peppers!