In Your Share (Sept 3rd edition)

You can download Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE . It includes some great tips for the edemame and lots of recipes for tomatoes & sweet corn.

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This week your share may include…

  • Cucumbers: The green slicer is Diva and she lives up to her name! There may also be a few Lemon cukes in the mix too.
  • Sweet Corn: Many farmers are incredulous when I tell them we transplant sweet corn, but it works! Some of the new sweet corns seem almost too sweet to me, but this variety, Sugar Buns, is super tender and has a great balance of sweet + old fashioned corn flavor.
  • Edemame: The pods are small but the beans are so tender & sweet! There will just be a little sampler size bag in the share, but it should make a nice snack or side dish. You can boil or steam these in the pod – it only takes a few minutes – then drain the water and salt the pods. Squeeze the tasty little beans out & discard the pods.
  • Kale: This winterbor kale was just so beautiful we had to pick it. Sometimes in the summer kale gets a bit tough, but this is incredibly tasty & tender. As many people know, this is one of my favorite kale salad recipes.
  • Lettuce: These Batavian Crisp lettuce varieties are my favorite’s during the summer. Even in the heat they stay sweet & crunchy.
  • Onions: This week the onions in your share are a variety called Candy. They look like a regular yellow storage onion, but as the name suggests they are quite sweet.
  • Peppers: We’re just picking the first of the green peppers this week. I think that there will be both bell peppers and some anaheim peppers in the mix too.
  • New Potatoes: We’ll have both Purple & Yellow potatoes in the share this week.
  • Summer Squash: All different kinds & colors of patty pan, zucchini & crookneck.
  • Tomatoes: There are plenty of Stupice tomatoes this week and some heirlooms too.
Coming soon… more cilantro for salsa!