In Your Share (Week of Aug. 20th 2018)

It is so great to have flowering dill this time of year! It makes a nice addition to purple potato salad, is a necessary ingredient of beet borscht and adds a lovely touch to salads.

You’ll find recipes for dill, potatoes, beets, and everything else in your share, at Cook With What You Have. If you’re a CSA member, you will find your password in your most recent email. Enjoy 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Beets: If the heat wave continues, I recommend this cold beet salad. And the greens are really good too – cook them up just like chard.
  • Purple Potatoes: These beautiful Purple Majesty potatoes are purple all the way through! Great for roasting,  boiling or mashing.
  • Hot Peppers: Probably both Jalapeño & Czech black will be available this week. Both are moderately hot and can be used raw or cooked.
  • Cucumber: Slicing cukes are so good on salad this time of year! In the mix are two varieties of green and also a white variety called Silver Slicer. Try this Quick Pickle recipe with the dill.
  • Lettuce Heads: Summer Crisp lettuce are some of the few varieties that can take the heat and still come through tasting sweet and refreshing. Enjoy those summer salads!
  • Herbs: Fresh herb this week is flowering dill. This will be great with potatoes or check out Cook With What You Have for more recipe ideas!
  • Summerfest Greens: Beautiful japaneese greens are flavorful but not spicy and can be added to salad or sautéed.
  • Sweet Onions: My great-grandmother used to eat sweet onions raw – sliced like an apple! I’m not that brave, but I do really like them thinly sliced in salad, on burgers and sautéed with almost anything.
  • Summer Squash: This recipe for Courgette Gratin from Lulu’s Provencal Table is one of my favorites. I’m also fond of adding diced & sautéed summer squash to bean chile, scrambled eggs and quesadillas.


Coming soon… Basil!