In Your Share (Week of July 17th)

The Sugar Snap Peas are super sweet and crunchy and tasty right now! In a normal year, the harvest would start in early June but since the spring was so wet we had to plant them almost 6 weeks late. I was doubtful they would even produce much since they really do best in cooler weather. But somehow they survived those 100 degree days in June and kept flowering and now have lots of lovely sweet peas : ) Not sure how much longer the harvest will last but we’ve definitely enjoying them for the last few weeks!

We brought in all the garlic of the season over the last two weeks.

All this hot weather has meant lots of time spent setting up and moving irrigation. We used only t-tape on the farm for years and it is super efficient but now we also water a few things with overhead sprinklers. Read my full post about Irrigation on the Farm here.

Amazing recipes for choi and everything else in your share are available to members at Cook With What You Have. If you joined our Summer CSA you will find your password in the member email. Enjoy 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Summer Cabbage: Lovely little savoy or red cabbage make a single serving size slaw. In the summer I often use this recipe for Roasted Cabbage Wedges since it also makes great cold or room temp leftovers.
  • Fennel: Beautiful bulbs! These have a fresh anise flavor and are really good grated or shaved into salads. The flavor is more mild after cooking. One of my favorite ways to use them is this Soffrito from Cook With What You Have. And last week one of our shareholders recommended this interesting recipe for candied fennel stalks.
  • Garlic: Yum!
  • Kohlrabi: I usually eat these raw. They’re quite good – just peel them and cut into bite sized chunks or make them carrot sized for dipping. They can also be roasted or sautéed or mashed with potatoes or grated into fritters/latkes/okonamiyaki.
  • Lettuce: Beautiful summer crisp blushed with red.
  • Sugar Snap Peas: Yum!
  • Popcorn: Not much explanation needed. If you still have some hot peppers you can grind those up and sprinkle on top for an extra kick.
  • Summer Squash: Assorted shapes, sizes and colors and they’re all tasty. Grill slabs of zucchini or patty pan on the BBQ or slice them into a gratin or use a big one for Zucchini Bread.

Coming soon… Cucumbers & Spring Onions!