In Your Share, Week of Nov 12th, 2018

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays… I love all my family traditions – old and new – and all the great food! Our traditions have evolved over the years… I grew up loving sweet potatoes with marshmallow and now usually make Delicata Squash Rings. I don’t remember ever eating kale, collards or chicory, but now those are ubiquitious – in week day meals and on holidays. And since we don’t grow giant russest potatoes, I’ve switched from mashed to roasted potatoes. I also grew up with canned pumpkin and when I first started farming my family was perplexed by the sugar pie pumpkin I brought home for the holidays. We had to dig deep through my grandmothers old cookbooks to find a recipe, but we did find one and I still use it every Thanksgiving. Hardly need turkey with all these tasty treats. Hope you and your family have a happy & delicious holiday!

Lots more great winter veggies to come this season so let your friends know that they can still sign up for a prorated Winter/Spring CSA Share.

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This week your share may include…

  • Brussel Sprouts: Tall stalks of sprouts! These are one of the most difficult veggies to grow. This year, the plants were big and beautiful, but the sprouts definitely sustained some damage. Luckily, looks aren’t everything! Pop the sprouts off the stalk and peel a few layers off and they’ll be good to go. Sprouts are great roasted or shaved thin into salad. And I always have to include this super simple recipe for them with Gnocchi & Pesto.
  • Carrots: So sweet that most of them get eaten raw! If you have some left, try roasted turnip & carrot – I like a super simple prep with just olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Cooking Celery: Perfect for stuffing! It doesn’t have to be cooked, but this celery has a slightly stronger flavor than the store bought stuff so try it before you dip it in the peanut butter. May be better suited to a Chopped Salad or soup.
  • Collard Greens: Love those dark winter greens! I usually just chop and sauté, but this Salad with Pickled Apple is amazing.
  • Sugarloaf Chicory: I love these complex chicory flavor in salads with strong dressings – think blue cheese crumbles, anchovies or bright lemon vinaigrette with garlic. If you sauté the greens the flavor is much more mellow which can also be nice.
  • Yellow Onions: A staple.
  • Garlic: More often than not, dinner at our house starts with some onions & garlic sautéd in olive oil and then we decide what direction to go from there… maybe roast some some peppers and put that over pasta, or cook up a big bunch of greens and put poached eggs on top. So many delicious options!
  • Hot Peppers: A mix of Jalapeño and Czech Black.
  • Potatoes: We’ve been growing this variety of ‘Nicola’ potatoes for many years. Grab some on the larger size if you want to mash them – with turnips would be especially tasty! Or smaller ones are perfect for roasting
  • Pie Pumpkins: Did I mention My Grandmother’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe?
  • Winter Squash: Delicata can be cut in half lengthwise and roasted in the oven cut side down until soft – about 30 min. I like to make Squash Rings too.
  • Roma Tomatoes: Can you believe it? Tomatoes in November don’t have all the flavor of a summer tomato, but they’re still a tasty little treat!
  • Turnips: These are the real deal! Purple top turnips are an old school, pre-1880’s heirloom. The name describes them quite well – the roots are white with a striking purple shawl on top. If you grew up traumatized by stinky overcooked turnips – I’d encourage you to give them another try. Start by roasting or sautéing these because when you caramelize turnips, the sweetness shines through. They are also great mashed with potatoes and adventurous cooks might also want to try some Turnip Pickles.

Coming soon… winter frost kissed veggies!!