King Corn Filmmaker at LkO Library

Curt Ellis is going to be talking about King Corn at the Lake Oswego Library this Tues. Dec 16th at 7pm. He co-created, co-produced and starred this thought provoking documentary film chronicling the story of American corn production and consumption. The subject matter is serious — high fructose corn syrup and the health care crisis, the problems with industrial ag and the midwest monoculture. But Curt is entertaining and there’s a lot we can do locally (like the CSA!) to be part of the solution. 

Read about Curt’s attempt at a No Corn Diet and his response to the Corn Refiners Assn $25 million PR campaign. 

    King Corn Talk
    Tues. Dec 16th at 7pm
    Lake Oswego Library
    706 4th Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Click here for more info about the event or contact Alicia Yokoyama at 503-675-3995.