This beautiful spring means a bountiful summer!

Farming Grand Island under a Turner-like skyWhat a glorious spring it’s been! Just the right amount of sun, a perfect range of temperatures, and the kind of pristine air only rain showers can bring. We’ve been mowing down lush flowering fields of winter cover crop and planting spring & summer veggies. Whether I’m driving the draft horses or the electric tractor it is remarkable time of year to be out in the fields. Churning up the scent of fresh, pure soil, I’m overwhelmed with the sense that anything is possible.

Boy, I think to myself, this is why I’m a farmer.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that a beautiful spring like this also makes incredible summer vegetables – something that also swells my farmer’s soul as I walk the fields. Even after more than two decades of farming, I’m still amazed what a miracle it is that these baby seeds & plants will soon become the incredible bounty of the summer.

Will you join me for it? Our pioneering Summer Veggie CSA – with convenient pickups in SE Portland and at Lake Oswego’s Luscher Farm – starts next week!

Pickups are once a week for 24 weeks, and despite all the care and hand work we shower on our vegetables, the cost is as little as $3.50 a day (or $6.30 a day for a more ample, family-size pickup). In fact, on average, you’d pay 10-20% more for the same veggies at your local natural food store or farmers market. I’m really proud of the value we continue to offer our shareholders.

Getting started is easy: simply sign up before your first pickup – SE Portland, or Lake Oswego’s Luscher Farm. Then, 24 glorious weeks of delicious, local, sustainably farmed produce are yours!