Potatoes, Pattypans and Work Party!

*With the swift application of “the ripper” from the back of the tractor, Laura and Brice have begun opening up the potato beds for this week’s harvest. Though yields have not yet been as high as expected, we hope these delicious spuds will become more abundant in the weeks to come while we enjoy this prelude to potato season.
*Summer Squash is also blowing up in ever increasing numbers, shapes, and colors, from the round bright yellow Pattypans to the slender dark green Platos. These fragile members of the cucurbit family are harvested with utmost delicacy to insure they reach your CSA basket in pristine condition!
*Don’t forget that the July work party is rapidly approaching on the 6th of August. Come prepared to learn and work with your friendly farmers, and of course come prepared to party and eat!