Roasted Green Chile & Corn Salsa

2 Anaheim Peppers*
3 ears of sweet corn
1 small red onion
1 bunch of cilantro
2 small limes

Cut chiles in half lengthwise. Remove stem end, pith and seeds. Roast chiles cut side up on a jelly roll under the broiler until skin is blackened.  Place in bowl with a tight cover and allow to steam until cool. This makes it easier to remove the skins. Once cooled, carefully remove skins. Coarsely chop peppers. I kept the juice and added it to the salsa.

Cook corn, let cool, cut kernels off the cob.

Dice red onion, chop cilantro, juice the limes.

Combine all ingredients and serve.

*this variety is mild compared to other peppers but they still have some heat so be careful and wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.