Hood River Valley Fruit CSA (Pro-rated)

From Kiyokawa Family Orchards, delicious seasonal fruit once a week through October 24.

Starts the week after you place your order

Includes 2 pickups


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This pro-rated share starts the week after you place your order (so the orchard has time to pick the right quantity of fruit), and continues through the end of the Summer CSA season. It will start with a mix of cherries for a few weeks and then on to peaches and apples by mid August or so. It continues through August with some cool pluerries (a cherry plum mix!) added in for a few weeks. Pears start in early/mid September as peaches phase out. There will be some pluots and plums to spice things up through September. By late September and October there will be apples, pears, Asian pears, and plums. By mid to late October it will be pears and apples. The apple variety could be one of the 120 varieties Kiyokawa grows.

It is worth noting though that even if you’ve been at it for three generations, fruit is unpredictable — there may be a week or even two where we have to take a break — if so you’ll either get more fruit next time or we’ll get you some jam, cider or other preserves for that week.

In one share you might get: 2.5lbs of mixed cherries, 2# of pluerries, 3# of plums or peaches, or four to five lbs of apples or pears. Many shares will have a mix of fruits (so a pound and a quarter of cherries and a pound and a half of peaches for instance).