Whole Winter CSA Membership (Pro-rated)

A Pro-Rated Whole Share of our Winter/Spring CSA

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Our pioneering Pro-rated SE Portland Whole Winter/Spring CSA farm share (west side folks, we’ve got a CSA for you here) is designed to harvest produce picked at its optimal ripeness so you can eat perfectly in tune with the seasons. Across plentiful pickups through April 2024, you’ll take home sustainably farmed, delicious produce throughout the winter and into the spring at our SE 47th Avenue location.

Cook with What You Have logoOkay, so with our CSA, you’ve got great vegetables. But what to do with them? We’ve got you covered there as well! Included with your membership is full access to the incredible members-only CSA recipe website Cook With What You Have.

Please note: While a share entitles you to the bounty of the harvest, it also means a share of the risk. On occasion a crop may fail due to inclement weather, pests, disease, or other conditions beyond our control. Our goal is to bring you, despite these challenges, an abundant and diverse harvest throughout the season.