Some great Martha press!

We’re getting lots more good press about Martha!

There’s the Oregonian:

…How did an electric-tractor-driving, slightly wonky Portland gal get cozy with Stewart’s people? Through an energetic aunt in California, who suggested back in July at a family gathering in Idaho that Masterson would be perfect for the contest….

and the Lake Oswego Review:

…Now, Masterson is set to fly to New York City on Nov. 5 for a dinner with the Martha Stewart Foundation and to be interviewed on the Martha Stewart Radio Show. But even if Martha Stewart does not put her arm around Masterson’s shoulders and hand her a big, fat check, Masterson believes she will have accomplished a lot.

“It will be so nice to get national press for local farmers and community-supported agriculture in Portland,” Masterson said. “We’ve got all of these neat things we’re doing, and hopefully this will inspire other people to do them.”…

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