What’s Cookin?

Fellow farm enthusiasts, as this is my first entry of the season, due entirely to conditions beyond my control I assure you, and because it is no less and certainly no more than fifteen minutes before I must be on to other tasks, I would very much like to begin my blogging career with a tempting description of the new arrivals in your share this week. The two, to which I would like to send the most admiration and concentration are no strangers to palates around the world; the juicy tomato and the delectable basil. Now, I am a firm believer in a proactive approach to the well being of your food, and part of this, as it is so commonly experienced among those of us in the human race, is to send fuzzy feelings in the form of compliments and self esteem boosters to your desired target. Take the tomato for instance, this Stupice Tomato is among one of the juicier varieties. As a young plant the mere notion that juicy ripe tomatoes would hang low from the tendrils of this very stalk seemed so far away. Now the plants are strong and healthy and the fruit is plentiful. So why not take a moment to recognize what an excellent feat of strength and finesse the plant has accomplished? There’s no harm in telling your tomato what a good looking pizza topper they may become. I’m almost positive they may grow a couple inches overnight if you point out that those fruits are lookin’ as fine as angel hair pasta, maybe with a little parmesan on top. And if you want to go out on a limb, might as well mention that they are as hot as a spicy salsa on a warm afternoon. They may blush a shade deeper just for you.  The basil may take a little tamer approach. After all it is still an herb. You can mention in passing, that it smells as good as fresh focaccia topped with olive oil. Tell them they remind you of a late summer in the Italian countryside. I’m sure the flavor would just be bursting beneath the shy leaves. All of these compliments, will have your veggies standing tall and proud and will provide you with a creative and fun outlet to both care for and prepare your food. If none of these lines do the trick you can always say, What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Works every time.