Winter squash in the spring? Yes!

Most people associate winter squash with, well, winter, so by the time February or March rolls around, it’s as far in the rear view mirror as Halloween and pumpkin pie. Plus, most varieties are huge, great for the big feasts of autumn but not for lighter spring meals.

But still, the warm, comforting flavor of squash and what it can add to recipes year-round doesn’t change, so we began casting around for varieties that tasted great, stored well, and didn’t cast the shadow across the landscape that their larger cousins did.

And I’m happy to say we found some! Tetsukabuto and Winter Sweet are delicious and juuuuuust right in size. We planted them in the summer, harvest them in the fall and then store them for a bit – squashes continue to ripen when stored properly (as we do, of course!) – and now they’re at their peak of flavor and great eating.

By the way, you won’t see either of these varieties in stores – only in your CSA shares! – so enjoy the extra taste of eating something unique and local, in addition to delicious!

(for more, visit the excellent Eat Winter Squash website)