yeah cauliflower!

Don’t you just love cauliflower? Well, us farmers love them too. Those beautiful white heads shining up at you through brilliant green leaves. What a treat they are to harvest. Not to mention they are delicious. I’m sure many of you shareholders noticed their dazzling appearance in last week’s share. We have been working very hard this year to trial different varieties of cauliflower and figure out which ones are the most productive here on the farm. We planted about eight different varieties and have been carefully monitoring their performance and yields. In addition, we have been blanching them, or taking the outer leaves and covering the developing head by wrapping the leaves with a rubber band, in order to protect them from the sunlight and rain. This has been a fun experiment and it is one of the reasons why they are so pearly white (The sunlight often turns the heads yellow). By performing these experiments, we hope to learn a little more about growing this wonderful (and at times challenging) plant and ultimately to provide more cauliflower next season. If anyone is interested in chatting more about this fun and exciting topic find me at pickup! Yeah for farming and all it’s bounty.

Farmer Katie