Your share May include… (Aug 6th edition)


    We harvested these nice bunches first thing in the morning because as the day gets hotter, so too does the flavor.


    Seems like we can never grow enough of these sweet baby carrots. They should be around for a few weeks and we just seeded more, more, more!

Baby Fennel

    Just a few to peak your interest. Shave them VERY thin into salads –or- split in half, poach them, reduce the liquid, add a bit of cream, sprinkle w/ parmesan.


    Harvested fresh this week, these heads are not fully cured so they won’t store well. Just means you should enjoy their fat juicy cloves asap.

Red Onions

    These beautiful red onions are not as sweet as the walla wallas but they’re certainly sweet enough for summer salads.


    Gorgeous new red potatoes are a variety called Sangre. This is the first year we’ve grown this one and I’m pleased with how early and disease resistant they seem to be. They’re also quite tasty!


    Mix Some of the leaves are a little large, but such beautiful colors & textures.


    These Hakuri salad turnips are incredibly sweet and tender. Even if you think you don’t like turnips, give these a try. They are not your grandparents turnips!

Coming Soon… Baby Summer Squash & Purple Potatoes!!