Your share this week (April 2)

Broccoli, Purple Sprouting

    What a treat this time of year to have these beautiful little broccoli heads! Stems and leaves are tasty too.


    The colors of the chard never cease to amaze me. Orange, red, pink striped stems are all so brilliant when they start to grow again after their winter hiatus. If you’re looking for new ways to use it, try my grandmothers chard bisque recipe on the website.


    Let’s just take a minute to appreciate what a workhorse these collards have been over the winter. Even now, as they start into the flowering/raab phase of their lifecycle we are still harvesting bins and bins of sweet leaves!

Kale, Winterbor

    Ditto for the kale! And they are still going strong…

Leeks, Blue Solaise

    This is a shorter sturdier more durable winter leek variety. The King Richards start to fade in March but these are still going strong. The bluish purple color on the leaves is so beautiful, and the white shanks have a nice mild allium flavorAnd use can even use the tops- they make great soup stock!


    This beautiful Italian parsley was planted almost a year ago! I didn’t look so good over the winter, but has made some nice new growth in the last month. Yum!


    Sadly we are nearing the end of the parsnip season. The roots are starting to soften, but then cooked they are still quite tasty. Try them for breakfast! (recipe here)

Red Russian Kale Raab

    You may recognize the blue-grey leaves with their distinctive red veining. This is a beautiful and tasty kale and this time of the year it also produces a sweet stem and flower bud.

Collard Rapini

    At the last pickup we gave out the fat central shoots, and this week we’re picking the smaller tender side shoots. You can eat them leaves, stem and bud!