Summer squash at 47th Ave Farm, Portland Oregon

In this week’s Summer CSA Pickup

Yes, we will be having the CSA pickup on Tuesday from 5-7pm – I know it is going to be HOT! The farm crew has been starting very early the last few days to get your veggies harvest and washed. We will do everything we can to keep things cool in the shade at the pickup. 

Some of the things in your box this week include…

  • Fava Beans are delicious double peeled but if you don’t want to work that hard try these recipes for Everyday Favas or Grilled Whole Fava Beans. 
  • Hakurei Turnips are very different from your grandma’s traditional turnip! They are a small white tender mild japanese salad turnip. I usually eat them raw dipped in humus or sliced onto salad. The salad turnips and greens are also good sautéed with a little miso or peanut oil & mirin. 
  • Kohlrabi are here! These beautiful purple bulbs have a thick skin, so make sure to peel that all off first – then you’ll have a sweet crunchy nugget. The peeled bulb is tasty raw with hummus or dip or can be shaved onto salad. It is also good cut into chunks and roasted with other root veggies. If you’re a member (and all our shareholders are!), you’ll find at least 3 dozen recipes for kohlrabi at Cook With What You Have website!