Garlic scapes at 47th Ave Farm

In our CSA June 6/8

New this week, you’ll receive a special item in share – polenta! Ground by us on a small scale stone mill out of our dried Amish Butter corn (an heirloom variety originally from Pennsylvania with a rich, buttery flavor). 

This is the same variety that some of our long-time share members will recognize as some of the best popping corn around (so fluffy and flavorful!). This week they’ll also get corn that has been coarsely ground and can be used as polenta or grits or as coarse cornmeal in some baking applications! Its flavor is buttery and creamy on its own, and cooks up great as luscious polenta with just a pad of butter and some salt, but it also opens up a world of possible recipes to explore. 

Here are some highlights from today’s CSA box…

  • Walla Walla Spring These are fresh from the field and have not started to dry down for storage. The bulb is often smaller and the delicious greens are included. Use the tops like you would a scallion. 
  • Ground Popcorn makes a delicious polenta or use it in any recipe that called for coarse cornmeal. Try it in this polenta pie recipe from Cook With What You Have (especially if you have some dried beans left from winter share! Or this creamy polenta with vegetable ragout recipe.
  • Microgreens are an amazing little treat! Sprinkle a few on salad, soup or sandwiches. They add a fresh & delicious sparkle to any dish. Radish are a bit spicy. Peas are mild and sweet. 

Some of the yum in our CSA shareholders will enjoy this week:


If this sounds delicious to you and you’re not already a member of our Farm CSA, well, let’s take care of that! Pro-rated, rest-of-season memberships are still available, as are single pickup “CSA Sampler” options to make trying us out easy. Come on down!