47th Avenue Farm's new website

Our brand new site!

It’s been a long time coming, but how about that? – we’ve now got a new website!

Our last site was developed in 2008 (if you can think back that far!), and while it served us well, it was showing its age technologically and in terms of the features we wanted to offer our shareholders. Plus, back then the iPhone was only a year old, so the idea of looking at the web on your phone was in its infancy – so our site, like many others, just showed you a tiny version of the fully desktop presentation.

As anyone who’s ever done it can attest, designing and building a customized website is no small undertaking, and plus, we’ve been pretty busy growing vegetables! But it past time to make the site better at communicating with you, and offering you better tools to learn more and control your experience.

So early this year, in the relatively calm period before we began planting for summer share, we rolled up our e-sleeves and got to work. And Shazam, here’s the result!

We’ve now got a much more robust “shopping” experience, with more detail on our CSA and other offerings, but also more options to pay and a more streamlined experience doing that.

For our shareholders, we’ve now got a special password-protected area with info about their membership, but also special content for them and a way for them to interact with us more directly. This is pretty bare bones right now, so if you have ideas about what would make it better for you, please let us know!

We’ve also got a better presentation of the recipes we’ve accumulated over the last couple of decades, and an easier way to find the restaurants that honor us by using our produce in their incredible creations.

Under the hood, the new site also has a much better experience if you’re surfing our way on a small screen.

Thanks to Matt Giraud and Gyroscope Creative for bringing this to life!