Delicious carrots from 47th Ave Farm

Our final summer CSA pickup – and time get signed up for our winter CSA!

This last summer share is a lovely bridge to the winter since it includes carrots, beautiful beets, long tall leeks and acorn squash. We started the season with leeks and greens this spring, and now we’ve come full circle¬†ūüíꬆ

Thank you so much for joining us for this bountiful summer season!! Community is a big part of Community Supported Agriculture and we really appreciate your faithful support!!

(psst: our Summer CSA may be over, but that doesn’t mean sustainably farmed, local and delicious veggies have to be: simply sign up now¬†for our celebrated Winter/Spring CSA and you won’t miss a beet!)

  • Oct 26th (TODAY) is the last¬†Summer CSA Share – thank you for joining us!
  • If you live in SE Portland, Nov 7th is our first Winter/Spring CSA pickup in the Woodstock neighborhood. Get signed up soon.
  • If you live in Lake Oswego or nearby, Nov 9th is our first our first Winter/Spring CSA pickup at Luscher Farm. Grab a share before they’re gone!
  • We’ve also got delicious fruit and egg CSA shares you can add on to complete your commitment to sustainable agriculture.

In the winter, the Farm slows down a bit, with pickups every two weeks instead of every week, but each pickup is still bursting with fresh, locally sourced veggies harvested in tune with the seasons. I hope you’ll join us.¬†¬†