This week’s Winter CSA pickup

That was quite the storm! The crew made an epic effort the week before to harvest as much as possible. The cooler was as full to overflowing, pipes were drained, heaters in greenhouses set up and ready to blast off.

Despite all the prep, I spent a few sleepless nights last week wondering if we were going to have any veggies by the end of it. I have a high level of confidence in our overwintering brassicas as long as the temps stay above 15 degrees. Most winters that is no problem, but this year there were at least 3 days at or below that… We may not know the full results for a month or so.

The good news from the field, though, is that leeks still look amazing and at least one chicory variety made it through too 👍

Thanks for hanging in there with us through the challenges of winter farming! It’s so delicious when it works, and hopefully most of the time it does. The diversity of our farming method certainly helps – growing all those cabbage & chicory varieties meant that at least one of them pulled through the deep freeze!