Green Luobo Radish from 47th Ave Farm

In this week’s Spring CSA pickup

First, we’re just a little over a month from the first pickup of our glorious Summer CSA. Don’t miss out on a Summer and Fall of delicious, sustainably farmed produce — learn more about it and then sign yourself up today!

Winter radish season is winding down, but we’re excited to have some beautiful Green Luobo in the share this week. It is related to the Purple Bravo & Watermelon radish – all of them are heirloom daikons, originally from southern China. The flavor can range from sharp & spicy to mild & sweet. I often peel them, but you don’t have to. Try them raw with humus or dip. They are also delicious grated into salad or made into slaw – see the recipe below. You can also cut them into chunks and roast with other root veggies. Learn more about the beautiful diversity of winter radish diversity at this Culinary Breeding Network post. 

This is the last beautiful butternut squash of the season. The dark orange flesh is sweet and delicious! It hardly needs any prep – just cut in half and roast with salt & olive oil. With all the leeks, onions & shallots in the share, you could also make this tasty Squash & Onion Galette from Cook With What You Have (membership required, but membership is free for our shareholders, so join us today!).

A winter root slaw would also be amazing with the veggies this week. Start with grated carrots, then add beets (from our friends at Persephone Farm) and the Green Lobo winter radish. I sometimes make this salad with a creamy coleslaw dressing or mustard & shallot vinaigrette or with this toasted sesame dressing.